Tax Planning & Preparation

taxplanningBMS provides a broad range of tax services for companies as well as individuals.  These can range from basics tax filing documents for state and Federal returns, sales tax reporting, estate tax planning, inventory tax planning and representation services.

Companies and corporations will enjoy letting our professionals work with them to achieve their tax goals, and allowing us to prepare the appropriate tax forms for filing with state and Federal authorities.  Should there ever be a dispute, our tax accountant have years of experience in dealing with the iRS and other governmental bodies to resolve any issues. For individuals, we provide the same high level of service that we do for our corporate clients.



Recent tax laws changes and exemptions have provided new, favorable opportunities for estate planning. The American Tax Relief Act of 2012, coupled with legislative changes should encourage taxpayers to evaluate their current estate planning strategies and review them regularly with our BMS tax professionals.



Companies that are involved in the manufacturing, distribution and retail sales ofl goods to their customers often have a sizable investment in inventory. BMS tax professionals can work closely with your organization to identify your tax liability as it currently exists, review your current business models and offer advice in the use of various accounting methods to reduce your overall expenses while reducing the risk of audits.