Business and Financial Consulting

industry_consultantsBecause of the expertise of our professionals at BMS, we are able to provide high-quality business and financial consulting to your business now and as it grows in the future.  With expertise in manufacturing, distribution, retail sales, oil/gas exploration, real estate and many other industries, our staff serves as your focal point for complete business and financial consulting.



It takes insight, a global vision and careful planning to position your business for transition, whether it be in the next year or twenty years from now. If you are thinking about mergers with or acquisition of other companies, it is vital to outline the current environment, while assessing the future state of circumstances.

These considerations are many times difficult when having to tackle present-day challenges of operating your own business.  A common pitfall is that owners many times forget to develop a future vision for their company and are caught surprised and unprepared when favorable opportunities arise that may lead to furthering the goals of the company through sale, acquisition or merger.

Let our highly-qualified consultants meet with your to help you begin planning for that future vision!



In addition to sale, acquisition or merger, companies many times benefit from having a partnership with a strategic business consultant to analyze current market trends and where your company might begin to make new investments in people. capital equipment, buildings and other strategic assets.  Because we provide both financial and business consulting we are able to provide an integrative approach to short or long-term strategic ideas,



With the advent of new technologies and emphasis on cost efficiency, many companies have chosen to outsource their entire financial accounting services. BMS financial consultants have extensive experience in working with companies in this environment saving them time, resource and money.  This is especially true during start up businesses as well as those that are expanding their operations into other market or geographic areas.