Accounting and Controller Services

acct_servicesBrosowske, Mares, Smothermon & Co, P.C.  provides the same accounting and controller services provided by national accounting firms, but with emphasis on personal service.


Auditing is a vital part of accounting and is part of our assurance services that we provide to our clients. As with most practices,  we provide audits of your company to gain information and assess the validity of your financial systems and the financial records of your business. Secondarily, audits provide an assessment of internal controls within your company’s operations.



Responsible companies, whether public or private, need to provide valid statements of financial condition to comply with Federal, State and even local regulations. Whether reporting to owners, stockholders or employees, the compilation of the Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Statement of Changes in Financial Condition or other documents is necessary for management and operations. BMS provides this service as a basic part of its assurance package.


Many times companies need assistance with procuring, setting up and even operating accounting systems within their company. Our team of professionals can provide the expertise to aid our clients in proper organization, setup and efficient operation of their accounting system.



Part of the BMS assurance offering to our clients is our commitment to helping them establish and affect accurate and compliant internal control systems that are compliant with industry regulations. Our trained professionals work with our clients to understand their operation and then help devise those operations systems.



Under some circumstances, it may be more feasible to utilize an outside CPA to act as an outside controller for a company. We have the personnel with the expertise to provide that leadership for your company on a short- or long-term basis.